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Welcome to the Ushur Community!

This is an incredible group of industry professionals, Ushur customers, Ushur team members and thought leaders - and we’re so glad you’re part of it.

You can meet some of your fellow community members here. Start by sharing a little bit about yourself in this thread.

  • Name, title and/or industry
  • Where you’re joining us from
  • What brought you to the Ushur community
  • What is one challenge that you’re trying to solve for your organization this year?

Remember, everyone’s voice adds value to our community, so please jump in!

Ushur Community Manager


Thanks Lea for the welcome message. I am Henry Peter an Ushur employee but logging in with my LIN profile and so able to browse as a customer. Enjoying the views & info in here. Nice to be in this community land! Cheers!

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Thanks for the warm welcome to the Ushur Community! I couldn’t be more excited for the new community as a place to connect and share our expertise learn from each other!

  • Will Roberts, PMM, InsurTech
  • Ushur!
  • Eagerness to start meeting people who are automating the customer experience!
  • Trying to help people build Ushurs that do the jobs they need!

So excited and please reach out!


I’m very excited to join the Ushur community - humbled to be here!

  • Dan Leitner, Sales Development Leader
  • Ushur!
  • Curious to learn how front-line workers are optimizing their customer journeys today.
  • As ambassadors of Ushur, we are constantly looking for ways to improve how we evangelize and educate our audience on how Ushur can help automate and streamline customer experiences.

Again, very excited to learn from all of you!


Hello All! I’m excited to be part of the conversation!

  • Janeen Blanton, Director of Customer Success
  • Ushur
  • I’m here because I am passionate about improving the customer experience.
  • I’m deeply interested in making sure that we don’t lose the human touch as we automate customer interactions.

Hello Ushur Community!

  • My name is Emily Levitch, and I’m the Marketing Associate

  • Ushur

  • I am here to learn more and network with others

  • One of my goals for this year is to amplify Ushur’s voice and promote growth through increasing social media presence!

I am very excited to be here! :grinning:


Hello to the Ushur Community! I am so excited to see all the future collaborations!

  • Jilian E. Wehner - CSM/Strategic Program Manager
  • Ushur
  • Being in Customer Success I am excited to see all the interactions between our customers and help where I can!
  • I want each of our customers to feel important, helped and empowered while also having fun along the way!

Hi Ushur community,
I am super excited to see this forum live and look forward to interacting with Ushur users!

  • Vandana Rao - VP, Customer Growth
  • I am looking forward to working with our customers, partners and folks interested in CX Automation collaborate to automate with empathy.
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I’m Amir Mazaheri, Sr. Solution Consultant @ Ushur.
I help our prospects and customers with different solutions, scoping sessions, deployments and of course, custom demos to show art of possible for their specific use cases.

if you have questions (technical or non-technical), I can answer or connect you to the right person.

Hello Ushur Community! Excited to be here! :smiley:

  • I’m Ravil Kashyap - Machine Learning Engineer @ Ushur
  • Ushur
  • Curious to know how AI/ML is being used to tackle industry problems
  • Solve more problems with AI and ML

Hi all! Excited to be here :smile:

  • Suchit Sanghvi, Data Analyst
  • Ushur
  • I am here to learn and share my views on everything related to Automation, AI and Customer Experience!
  • My goal is to facilitate getting insights from data to better automate processes and customer interactions.
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Thanks Leandra for the warm welcome.

Introducing myself …

  • Barry Dooley, Architect, Insurance Industry
  • Irish Life, Corporate Business (Dublin, Ireland)
  • We are constantly looking for solutions that can improve both customer experience and back-office optimisation. One challenge that we’re looking at this year is to come up with a solution to allow us to receive data from our corporate customers (e.g. Employers) in a more consistent and clean format without creating extra work for our customers.

Welcome to the Ushur community :slight_smile:
Talking to a lot of carriers, looks like this is a huge challenge across the industry. Whether they are employee contributions, broker composed documents (census files, vehicle schedule (P&C), etc.). I assume just parsing thru the sheets and converting them to a more manageable format takes majority of the processing time.

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Welcome Barry - we are so glad you’re here!

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Hi there! Am super excited to be part of this Ushur community. I am here to seek feedback and make our Ushur Customer Experience Automation platform a true world-class SaaS platform.

Seshu Konduri
Director of Engineering at Ushur

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Hi all,

  • Stephen Lowry, Solutions Architect
  • Irish Life, Corporate Business (Dublin, Ireland)
  • I am familiar with Ushur’s product from working on it for a solution previously but I would like to use Ushur Community to stay up to date with features and learn more. I also want to understand how other people on the team can use Ushur community to learn and get up to speed with Ushur’s products.

Hi everyone,
I am Simha Sadasiva, co-founder and CEO of Ushur. I am delighted to welcome you all to the Ushur Community. It is such an incredible honor to welcome our partners, customers, and our colleagues to make this a vibrant community. This is a safe space for all of us to co-create, learn and share from each other the best practices to create delightful customer experiences. Excited to see this community grow into a vibrant ecosystem for our customers, partners, and our Ushur team. Onwards and upwards!


Stephen, welcome to the Ushur Community.


Welcome to the Ushur Community

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Welcome to Ushur community Barry! I am looking forward to hearing from you and connect you with our other partners who want to ideate together on ways to improve CXA!

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